Dasakam: 018 -- Shlokam: 09

तद्दत्तं वरमुपलभ्य भक्तिमेकां
गङ्गान्ते विहितपद: कदापि देव ।
सत्रस्थं मुनिनिवहं हितानि शंस-
न्नैक्षिष्ठा: सनकमुखान् मुनीन् पुरस्तात् ॥९॥

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O Lord! After getting firm devotion alone as a boon from Him (Vishnu), Thou established Thy residence on the banks of Gangaa. Once as Thou were expounding Dharma to the sages who had assembled there for Yanjya, Thou saw the Sanaka and other sages before Thee.