Narayaneeyam Dasakam 19

Dasakam: 019 -- Shlokam: 01
[hd2]पृथोस्तु नप्ता पृथुधर्मकर्मठ:
प्राचीनबर्हिर्युवतौ शतद्रुतौ ।
प्रचेतसो नाम सुचेतस: सुता-
नजीजनत्त्वत्करुणाङ्कुरानिव ॥१॥[hd/2]

Prithu's great grand son Praacheenbarhis, who was noble and virtuousand ever intent on the path of righteousness and duty, had the young wife,Satadruti, From her, ten noble minded sons were born to him known by the group name of Prachetas

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