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Make the Brahmin community as Business community. It's not wrong to take non-veg; when fighting with animals. Unless required do not fight with any body. Strength in body will be seen in the physical work. So, Have good Physic. Choose one line of business mostly so that one could assist another. Be a united community with understanding. But, At the same time do not hesitate anybody unless you find harm in their actions. keep the snake in the pocket after taking its teeth.


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The views expressed in the forum on the solution in revolution in Brahmin's life look very odd and it can never bring any solution.With whom we are going to fight after taking Non-veg food?With Govt? with other community people? With politicians?
Think of an average Brahmin's life two decades ago and now how much economically it has come up in recent times.This is because of education only and the previous generation fought hard to sustain and the present generation is enjoying the fruit of it.Not a single family of Brahmin is in TN which has no member in US,UK or In Australia.Thanks to the dollar inflow the status has improved.
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