Courtesy:Sri.Vedanarayanan Andanallur.S

A poor Sastry . His wife. A daughter of marriagable age. No money .
Wife urges (like Susheela drove Kuchela to Krishna) to get some help
from the King. Thathaastu he said and proceeded.
He told the King the prupose of his visit. The King asked how much he wants.
The Sastri did not expect this quick response. He was not sure of his requirement.
What he knew is only his profession. He used to prepare the Janeev (Poonal) himself
methodically. (No Giri Stores contract) He placed a new Poonal before the King
and asked for Gold , equal to the weight of that Poonal
As Maha bali laughted at Vamana...when he asked for 3 feet of land...the King too
laughed. He brought a weighing scale and placed the poonal on one side and
placed a few gold coins on the other. The plate of Gold did not move. He place more
coins. No. Plate was static. he removed a ring from his finger and placed ..same.
He removed his haram The plate of poonal was down only.
All were surprised. The entire khazana was emptied and the Poona plate was not going up.

The Poona wss prepared methodically with the thread from cotten and poona from the thread
and the knots uttering the mantram. 'Yagnopaveedham paramam pavitram'. All the Gold
and ornaments were not coming equal to the Holy Thread.

At this ..the RAja looked helplessly towards the Minister. Those day's Ministers were intelligent.
He told the Sastri to come next so that they would do the needful. Sastriji could have told them
to give only 'enough' for conducting hte marriage and other things like Mangal Sutra, Veshti, Podavai.
vessels etc. and of course for a feast.. But he agreed to suggestion and left .
After the Sastri left...Mantri told Raja that Sastri ji 's Sandyopasan was very strong..
Before the Power of Gayatri and his wealth or valour would stand.
Sastri reached home. Mantri sent a word to the Sastri...that next morning he should
come early around 6 to collect his dues... Sastgri was worried. Why he was called
so early. He was afraid too. whether it was wrong on his part to have asked for Gold equal to the weight of the Poonal. Whether he could accepted something andreturned....He could not sleep at night. whether Raja would get angry for having asked Gold equal to the weight of the poonal. ....

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After Sastri left he explained to Raja about how Sastri is a Upasakar of Sandhya and Gayatri
and how Raja's wealth and valour could not stand before the Gayatri/Sandhyopasana's Power.
He explained his plans. Now around night ...mantri sent a word to Sastri to come at 6 a.m.
the next day. on hearing this Sastri was further worried. He did not know why Manrtir called
so early. he could not sleep. However he got up early and went to the Royal Palace in the
Raja and Mantri welcomed the Sastri with all respect. the stage was set. Sastri was asked
to place the Poonal on one plate. Raja , in turn, kept his Gold ring on the other. WqQ !
The Poonal went up and the Ring went down. Sastri was confused. However Mantri told
Sastri to take the ring and go home.
After Sastri left, Mandri explained to the King.. till yesterday the Gayatri effects were around the Sastri.
The Poonal was 'paramam pavitram but since Sastri , in order to leave home early and was in
a worried mind....did not perform his 'Nitya Anushtanams' the Poonal and Sastry
were not charged with the Gayatri power. When the Poonal was placed in the balance scale.
it was not that powerful as it was yesterday.
Raja was feeling bad for the trick played on Sastri. He sent Mantri to Sastri's house.
Accordingly, Mantri convyed the wishes of the King..and accordingly the wedding of Sastri's daughter
was performed by the King with all Royal honours. like Raja Veettu Kalyanam.
Sastri realised how he lost the powers temporarilly when he did not concentrate in the Sandhopasana
before leaving for Palace early in the morning.