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Modes of Worship of the Lord

Dasakam: 21-- Shlokam: 01
मध्योद्भवे भुव इलावृतनाम्नि वर्षे
गौरीप्रधानवनिताजनमात्रभाजि ।
शर्वेण मन्त्रनुतिभि: समुपास्यमानं
सङ्कर्षणात्मकमधीश्वर संश्रये त्वाम् ॥१॥

Oh Lord! In the middle of the earth is the region called Ilaavrata. This is inhabited exclusively by women with Gauri (Parvati) as their chief. Lord Siva, Who is present there, is worshipping Thee, with sacred mantras and hymns of praise. I take refuge in Thee, who are the Supreme Lord of all