Dasakam: 21-- Shlokam: 02

भद्राश्वनामक इलावृतपूर्ववर्षे
भद्रश्रवोभि: ऋषिभि: परिणूयमानम् ।
ध्यायामि देव हयशीर्षतनुं भवन्तम् ॥२॥

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Oh Lord ! To the east of Ilavrita, is the region of Bhadraswa, where the sages calledBhadrasravas, are praising Thee, in the form of Hayagreeva, who was competent toretrieve the vedas, from concealment, at the end of the Kalpa, during the deluge. I meditate on that Hayagreeva form of Thee, the embodiment of knowledge.