Sudarshana Chakra
Courtesy: Smt. Sudha Susri
Sudharshana chakra
The word sudarshan chakra is derived from two words, 'su' and 'darshan'. It means the vision (darshan) of which is auspicious (su). The word chakra is derived from 'chruhu', which means movement and 'kruhu', which means to do. Thus, chakra means that which is mobile. Of all divine weapons, this is the only one which is constantly in motion.
There is a story that the daughter of Viswa Karma, who was the architect of the Gods, was married to the sun God and she left him because of his immense heat. It seems Viswa Karma put Sun God in a cage and churned him to reduce his heat. The heat was reduced and Sudarshana Chakra, Trishoola and Shakthi, respectively the weapons of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Subrhamnya were born out of the churning. Sudarshana Chakra is given the status of God by the followers of Ramanujacharya.
Lord Sarangapani Mahavishnu - deputed His discus Chakkara to destroy demon Jalandarasura. The Chakkara pierced into the Patala Loka the world below earth and destroyed the demon. It came out and rested on the hands of Lord Brahmma who was performing a yajna on the banks of Holy Cauvery. Happy Brahmma installed that Sri Chakra there itself banks of Cauvery. It was brighter than Sun. Sun God was jealous to see another power brighter than him and further increased his light. But the Sri Chakra absorbed all his brightness and made Sun dark. He surrendered to the Sri Chakra. Lord Sri Chakra Rajan appeared from the Sri Chakra all bright on the Vaikasi May-June - Poornima day with three eyes and hair as bright as Agni the fire and granted darshan to Sun.
The Chakram has many auspicious attributes. The foremost amongst these attributes is Peeta Pariharam (relief from all kinds of painand suffering) for the devout and Peeta Pradanam (relentless misery) for the evil minded. The Sudarsana Chakram also has the characteristic of Papa Nasanam (destroying one's sins). Papa Nasanam is the first step towards realizing Lord Narayana .

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