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    Dear friends,
    For a regular person cabbage might not be a top favourite. And there are valid reasons – it’s smelly, it’s unappealing and if not cooked right, can be very tasteless too. But if you are a diabetic or suffering from metabolic syndrome, then cabbage is that one vegetable that should be on your grocery list without fail. Yes, cabbage can do wonders to treat diabetes naturally, and probably get you off medications too (if you are lucky). Did you know okra or ladies finger can also help fight diabetes naturally?
    Please read the article below to know.

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    Can cabbage help control diabetes?

    It helps to lose weight: Cabbage is low in calories and high in fibre content, so it becomes an ideal vegetable to choose for diabetics. It is also low on glycemic index with a rank of 10 (anything below 55 is considered low). GI is an indicator of how fast the carbohydrates will raise the blood glucose levels in your blood. A food item with a high GI means it will raise the levels quickly as compared to food with low GI. So bring cabbage to your table as often as you can.

    Controls blood sugar: Cabbage also has a lot of antioxidant and antihyperglycemic properties that make it a medicine for diabetes. In a study done on rats in 2008, cabbage extracts fed to them for 60 days lowered blood sugar levels and also helped to control fluctuations and keep the readings in the safe range.
    Improves kidney functions: Since cabbage can help keep blood sugar level in control, it also helps to maintain the kidney functions.

    When a diabetic has extremely high blood sugar levels (over 600 mg/dl), the kidneys try to get rid of the extra blood sugar by eliminating it through urine. This leads to excessive loss of body fluids, resulting in dehydration. Dehydration causes the blood to become thicker and further increases the blood sugar levels which makes it difficult for the kidneys to rectify it. This is why diabetics are more prone to kidney failures.

    How to eat it:

    A simple way to include cabbage in your diet is to prepare the vegetable as a side dish at least thrice a week.
    If you dislike the preparation, add cabbage to your dals and soups to reap its benefits.
    Prepare cabbage juice by chopping the vegetable and blending it on a high speed.
    Add boiled cabbage to your salads with a dash of salt and lemon

    For very orthodox people who do not use onion, the slivers of cabbage (cabbage cut into thin strips ) can be used as a substitute. In places like Katra where The shrine of Maa Sri Vaishnodevi is, they do not use either onion or garlic. Shredded cabbage is used instead. I too have used it and found good and healthy too. Why don"t you try it?
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