Dasakam: 21-- Shlokam: 05
रम्ये ह्युदीचि खलु रम्यकनाम्नि वर्षे
तद्वर्षनाथमनुवर्यसपर्यमाणम् ।
भक्तैकवत्सलममत्सरहृत्सु भान्तं
मत्स्याकृतिं भुवननाथ भजे भवन्तम् ॥५॥

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Oh Lord of the earth ! To the north of Ilavrita, is the wellknown region of Ramyaka,where the lord of that place, the noble Vaivaswata Manu, worships Thee, where Thou,in the form of a fish, shines graciously in the hearts of pure devotees, who are freefrom jealousy. I meditate on Thee, in the form of the fish.