Dasakam: 21-- Shlokam: 06

वर्षं हिरण्मयसमाह्वयमौत्तराह-
मासीनमद्रिधृतिकर्मठकामठाङ्गम् ।
संसेवते पितृगणप्रवरोऽर्यमा यं
तं त्वां भजामि भगवन् परचिन्मयात्मन् ॥६॥

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The region called Hiranmaya which is to the north of Ramyak, Thou reside there in the form of the huge tortoise that could bear the Mandara Mountain on its back. There Thou are worshipped by Aryamaa the famous chief of the Pitris. O Lord! Who incarnated in this Tortoise form. I worship Thy that form