Dear Friends,
Like all years I have posted the Avani avitta manthras in my blog on Brahmin Rituals. Last year more than 10,000 people used this compilation. As usual I have followed the dates and times given in Kancheepuram Madathu Manchangam. The Yajur Vedi Avani aviitam is on 1-8-2012, the Rig Vedi Avani avittam and Gayathri Japam for all the Vedas is on 2-8-2012 and Samavedi Avai Avittam is on 17-9-2012..
1.Yajur Vedi avani avitta Manthras.
2.Rig Vedi Avani avitta manthras
3.Sama Vedi avani avitta manthras
With best wishes, Ramachander