The panchangams (pambu, srirangam, ganitha) are compiled for bharatha varsham. Because of planetary positions, we cannot observe the same panchangam in the entire world. There are wide differences between India and some countries.
Punya kalam is observed 20 nazhigais before the sankramanam of Adi masam. I have a doubt.
United States have five time zones. As per ganitha panchangam, adi (Kataka) masa sankramanam occurs on Sunday July 15, 2012 at 12 midnight in Boston, (Atlantic time zone), 9 PM in California (pacific time zone); 11 PM in Texas, 10 PM in Colorado. Sun rises between 5.40 AM to 6 AM in different
states. As per vakya panchangam, Kataka sankramanam occurs on Monday July 16 at 6:46 AM in New York (Atlantic time zone);
5 AM in Texas; 4 AM in Colorado; 3 AM in California. Assuming for anushtanam we follow vakya panchangam, when will one perform
Adi masa punya kalam tarpanam in uththrayanam?
Thanks for the information.

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