This year varalakshmi vratham falls on 27th july 2012.

one book by name VRATHA POOJA VIDHAANAM ;can do varalakshmi pooja on 27-7-2012. you can do it by yourself. first do ganapathy pooja, then varalakshmi pooja. Buy one brass or silver sombu capacity of the sombu one litre.

on the outerside of the sombu apply chunnambu paste dry it draw ambal face with some colour pencil or kaavi. put the following things into the kalasam(sombu) raw rice, 2 betel leaf, 2 pakku,

one lemon, gold chain or ring , one rupee coin 1; picholai karugamani 1 if available now in the indian herbal shop. put this kalasam on the plantain leaf with raw rice;

VARALAKSHMI MUGAM IN SILVER IS available in jwellary shop ; if you can you may purchase one and put it near the kalasam; put a mango leaf kothu on the kalasam; put one coconut on the top of the kalasam;

First you must invite varalakshmi from the sit out of your house; place the kalasam with plantain leaf and rice in the sit out or car shed .open the eye of the ambal with eyetex

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do dhoopam; deepam and neivedyam with 2 plantain fruits and thaamboolam and then lit camphor then by singing varalakshmi vaare maa indika (tapes and cd's are available) carry the kalasam and go to pooja room; do pooja as per the vradha pooja vidhanam book;

for neiveidhyam ;idly KOLUKATTAI SWEET AND UPPU; vadai paayasam and ricesadham. FOR IDLY only raw rice and blackgram should be used. All kinds of fruits , thamboolam and coconut.
You may decorate the pooja place with mango leaves and thoranam and with small plantain tree. Do some neivedhyam in the evening and on the next day do punar pooja and in the evening prepare some sundal neivedhyam and on saturday night take the kalasam and place it on to the rice bag or into the rice container. next friday prepare paayasam with the rice within the kalasam.

Call your neighbours give them thaamboolam and sundal on friday evening or also on saturday evening; do aarthi after pooja is over. study story of varalakshmi pooja story which is in the book vratha pooja vidhanam,on friday evening. Along with thaamboolam you may give coconut, mirrior, comb, bangles, eyetex, manjal, kumkumam, flowers, and also some gift if you prefer according to the financial status of each individual,

You can do if time permits thrisathi namavali archana of lakshmi and also sahasranamavali archana. Take only tiffin on that day and night. do not take curd or butter milk on that whole day.