Dasakam: 23-- Shlokam: 01
प्राचेतसस्तु भगवन्नपरो हि दक्ष-
स्त्वत्सेवनं व्यधित सर्गविवृद्धिकाम: ।
आविर्बभूविथ तदा लसदष्टबाहु-
स्तस्मै वरं ददिथ तां च वधूमसिक्नीम् ॥१॥

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Oh Lord ! Apart from the famous Daksha,,son of Prachetas,there was yet anotherDaksha, who propitiated Thee to fulfil his desire of multiplying creation,. Thou appearedbefore him in Thy divine form, radiant with Thy eight arms and granted him his wishalong with Asikni as his bride.