Dasakam: 23-- Shlokam: 02

तस्यात्मजास्त्वयुतमीश पुनस्सहस्रं
श्रीनारदस्य वचसा तव मार्गमापु: ।
नैकत्रवासमृषये स मुमोच शापं
भक्तोत्तमस्त्वृषिरनुग्रहमेव मेने ॥२॥

Oh Lord ! Ten thousand sons were born to him first and then yet another thousand were born, but all of them adopted the path to salvation instead of creation on the advice of Shree Naarada. Daksha was displeased with Naarada and so pronounced a curse on him that he would not have any fixed place of residence. Sage Naarada, the highest of devotees, considered it only as blessing.

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