Dasakam: 23-- Shlokam: 04
प्राक्शूरसेनविषये किल चित्रकेतु:
पुत्राग्रही नृपतिरङ्गिरस: प्रभावात् ।
लब्ध्वैकपुत्रमथ तत्र हते सपत्नी-
सङ्घैरमुह्यदवशस्तव माययासौ ॥४॥

Long ago, Chitraketu, the ruler of the country of Surasena, who wished for a son wasblessed with a son in his eldest wife, through the yogic power of Sage Angiras. But theother jealous wives of the king, killed the child. The king was grief stricken and lostcontrol over himself due to Thy Maya, causing him great agony

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