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Dasakam: 23-- Shlokam: 08
त्वद्भक्तमौलिरथ सोऽपि च लक्षलक्षं
वर्षाणि हर्षुलमना भुवनेषु कामम् ।
सङ्गापयन् गुणगणं तव सुन्दरीभि:
सङ्गातिरेकरहितो ललितं चचार ॥८॥

[div5]This great devotee Chitraketu for many many years wandered about happily in all the worlds without much attachment. He led the troupe of beautiful Vidyaadharis and also caused Thy glories and excellences to be sung, to his hearts content.[div5]