Dasakam: 024 -- Shlokam: 02
विधातारं घोरं स खलु तपसित्वा नचिरत:
पुर: साक्षात्कुर्वन् सुरनरमृगाद्यैरनिधनम् ।
वरं लब्ध्वा दृप्तो जगदिह भवन्नायकमिदं
परिक्षुन्दन्निन्द्रादहरत दिवं त्वामगणयन् ॥२॥

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He undertook a severe penance to Brahmadeva, and soon Brahma appeared in frontof him and granted him the boon of not being killed by gods, men, animals etc. Havingobtained such a boon, he became very arrogant and with total disregard for Thee,tormented this world of which Thou art the Lord, and took the heaven by force from Indra.