Dasakam: 024 -- Shlokam: 03

निहन्तुं त्वां भूयस्तव पदमवाप्तस्य च रिपो-
र्बहिर्दृष्टेरन्तर्दधिथ हृदये सूक्ष्मवपुषा ।
नदन्नुच्चैस्तत्राप्यखिलभुवनान्ते च मृगयन्
भिया यातं मत्वा स खलु जितकाशी निववृते ॥३॥

To kill Thee, he even went to Thy abode Vaikuntha. Thou disappeared from his gross vision and entered into his heart in a subtle form. Roaring aloud he searched for Thee in all the three worlds, and not finding Thee, he thought that Thou had fled in fear. Considering himself the winner he returned home.

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