Dasakam: 024 -- Shlokam: 07
स शूलैराविद्ध: सुबहु मथितो दिग्गजगणै-
र्महासर्पैर्दष्टोऽप्यनशनगराहारविधुत: ।
गिरीन्द्रवक्षिप्तोऽप्यहह! परमात्मन्नयि विभो
त्वयि न्यस्तात्मत्वात् किमपि न निपीडामभजत ॥७॥

Oh Lord Supreme ! Prahlada was pierced by sharp weapons; he was trampled upon byhosts of elephants of the quarters, many a time; he was bitten by huge poisonoussnakes; he was starved at times and given poison to eat; he was even pushed down from the highest mountaintops. But as he had placed his full faith in Thee he did not feel any suffering as his mind was completely fixed on Thee.

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