Dasakam: 024 -- Shlokam: 08

तत: शङ्काविष्ट: स पुनरतिदुष्टोऽस्य जनको
गुरूक्त्या तद्गेहे किल वरुणपाशैस्तमरुणत् ।
गुरोश्चासान्निध्ये स पुनरनुगान् दैत्यतनयान्
भवद्भक्तेस्तत्त्वं परममपि विज्ञानमशिषत् ॥८॥

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The very cruel father was frightened at this. At the advice of the teacher, Prahlaad was tied up with ropes at the teacher's house. But whenever the teacher was away, Prahlaad began to teach the Asura boys, who were with him, the doctrine of love for, and knowledge of Thee.