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Dasakam: 024 -- Shlokam: 10
अरे क्वासौ क्वासौ सकलजगदात्मा हरिरिति
प्रभिन्ते स्म स्तंभं चलितकरवालो दितिसुत: ।
अत: पश्चाद्विष्णो न हि वदितुमीशोऽस्मि सहसा
कृपात्मन् विश्वात्मन् पवनपुरवासिन् मृडय माम् ॥१०॥

Then, Diti's son, Hiranyakasipu, overcome by rage, shouting repeatedly O where is he? Where is he? The soul of all the worlds who is known as Hari? The son of Diti asking struck the pillar brandishing the sword. O Vishnu! O Lord! What happened then I am unable to describe immediately. O All Merciful! O All pervading One! O resident of Guruvaayur! ! I am unableto continue with this narration. Please bear with me and give me solace