Dasakam: 25-- Shlokam: 04
उत्सर्पद्वलिभङ्गभीषणहनु ह्रस्वस्थवीयस्तर-
ग्रीवं पीवरदोश्शतोद्गतनखक्रूरांशुदूरोल्बणम् ।
व्योमोल्लङ्घि घनाघनोपमघनप्रध्वाननिर्धावित-
स्पर्धालुप्रकरं नमामि भवतस्तन्नारसिंहं वपु: ॥४॥

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Oh Lord ! I salute Thy Man-Lion form Narasimha form of Thine which is a fusion of man and lion; the fierce looking jaw, criss crossed by swollen nerve ends, seeming to tear thecheeks apart, the short, stout neck, the hundreds of strong hands with pointed claws,emitting fiery rays, the terrible roar like that of thunder clouds, driving away theenemies; I bow down to all these divine features of Thy Narasimha form.