Dasakam: 25-- Shlokam: 08
तावन्मांसवपाकरालवपुषं घोरान्त्रमालाधरं
त्वां मध्येसभमिद्धकोपमुषितं दुर्वारगुर्वारवम् ।
अभ्येतुं न शशाक कोपि भुवने दूरे स्थिता भीरव:
सर्वे शर्वविरिञ्चवासवमुखा: प्रत्येकमस्तोषत ॥८॥

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Thy body looking gruesome with its gory coating of flesh and fat, and wearing the bloodsoaked entrails of the demon, like a garland, Thou wert seated in the midst of the assembly hall, roaring loudly with uncontrollable rage. At that time, none had the courage to come near Thee, in the entire world. All gods, including Siva, Brahma and Indra, stood afar, out of fear, praising Thee, individually.