Dasakam: 25-- Shlokam: 09
भूयोऽप्यक्षतरोषधाम्नि भवति ब्रह्माज्ञया बालके
प्रह्लादे पदयोर्नमत्यपभये कारुण्यभाराकुल: ।
शान्तस्त्वं करमस्य मूर्ध्नि समधा: स्तोत्रैरथोद्गायत-
स्तस्याकामधियोऽपि तेनिथ वरं लोकाय चानुग्रहम् ॥९॥

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Even then, when Thou were still in a state of unabated rage, by Brahmaa's instruction the boy Prahlaad free of fear prostrated at Thy feet. Thou calmed down being overcome by love and compassion and placed Thy hand on Prahlaad's head. He burst into a hymn in praise of Thee and unasked for received a boon from Thee which was for the benefit of the whole world.