Dasakam: 26-- Shlokam: 08
श्रुत्वा स्तोत्रं निर्गुणस्थं समस्तं
ब्रह्मेशाद्यैर्नाहमित्यप्रयाते ।
सर्वात्मा त्वं भूरिकारुण्यवेगात्
तार्क्ष्यारूढ: प्रेक्षितोऽभू: पुरस्तात् ॥८॥

On hearing the entire hymn, Gods Brahma, Siva and others, knowing that it did not refer to them, did not comethere. But Thou, who art all knowing, manifested before him, seated on Garuda,impelled by Thy flow of mercy

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