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These days we see even during marriage some of our children adopt northern traditionss of wearing a kurtha!!!What a shame? To help them wear dhothi,to ensure that it does not come off accidentally,some thoughtful manufacturer has introduced ,ஒட்டிக்கோ,கட்டிக்கோ<வெஷ்டி,. hoping that many start wearing it.
In this context I reproduced a post from facebook a reply to a question ssimilar to yours. Please read. Hope this atleast is folowed

The Great Hindu Tradition
17 December 2013

Madisaar, Panchakachcham (Formal religious dress)
(Excerpts from 'The Great Hindu Tradition' by Sarma Sastrigal)

Qn. Please elaborate on special dresses like madisar and panchakachcham that we have to wear on religious occasions.

Ans. There is an error though it is understandable in your question. Madisar and panchakachcham are NOT special dresses!

We are supposed to be wear these daily. And there was a time when these were being worn as a way of life. They have now become rare through the ravages of time.

At least on days of religious observances you should wear madisaar
(women) and panchakachcham (men). The karmas can never be complete without it.

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And it is no major rocket science to put on either of these dresses, mind you just a question of learning and practice.

On the subject of proper dressing, I must mention a related point.

It has become customary to wear pants and churidars for any outing, and I see nothing wrong in that in the changed times.
But when going
* to temples
* or for Veda parayana
* or to go to Acharya Swamigal and
* religious gurus for darshan,
we should make it a point to go in our traditional dresses.