There are three different decision by various vidwan about Sama Upakarma of this Sri Nandana Year!
1. Most of the Vaakya Panchangams : 24th July 2012 stating the reason
Avani - Mala Maasam
Purattasi - Maadhappirppu ( Sankraman dhosham)
so preponned to Aadi i.e 24th July.

2. Srirangam Panchangam and some Drik Kanitha panchangams:
17th September 2012
stating, though there is dhosham, the Nija bhatrapada month should be taken to account.

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3. By Sama Bruhaspathi Venugopalan Chennai.
His statement and explanation given as pdf below:

Below the video of the sathas done for it: