Dasakam: 027 -- Shlokam: 07
क्षुब्धाद्रौ क्षुभितजलोदरे तदानीं
दुग्धाब्धौ गुरुतरभारतो निमग्ने ।
देवेषु व्यथिततमेषु तत्प्रियैषी
प्राणैषी: कमठतनुं कठोरपृष्ठाम् ॥६॥

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O All pervading Being! by diving deep into the ocean Thou lifted up the sinking mountain on Thy back which was harder than a thunderbolt and more than a lakh of Yojanas in width. Entered the depths of the ocean,and lifted the lord of the mountains, that lay sunken there