Dasakam: 027 -- Shlokam: 09
उन्मग्ने झटिति तदा धराधरेन्द्रे
निर्मेथुर्दृढमिह सम्मदेन सर्वे ।
आविश्य द्वितयगणेऽपि सर्पराजे
वैवश्यं परिशमयन्नवीवृधस्तान् ॥८॥

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[div5]To prevent the Mandara mountain from being toppled, owing to the vigorous churningand the consequent speedy revolution, Thou, held it firmly in place with Thy lotus likehand. Seeing this, Siva, Brahma and others, showered flowers on Thee from theheavens and sang Thy praises full of wonder and delight.[/div]