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Dasakam: 28-- Shlokam:02
विमथत्सु सुरासुरेषु जाता
सुरभिस्तामृषिषु न्यधास्त्रिधामन् ।
द्युतरुश्चाप्सरस: सुरेषु तानि ॥२॥

As the Devas and Asuras were churning, the divine cow Kaamadhenu came out.Thou gave it to the sages. O Lord of the three worlds! Then emerged the jewel of a horse (Uchchaishrava), then the great elephant (Airaavata), then the celestial tree (Kalpaka) and the Apsaras (divine damsels) appeared. Thou gave them to the gods.