Quotable quotes from Ramayana

कुलीनमकुलीनं वा वीरं पुरुषमानिनं ।
चारित्रमेव व्याख्याति शुचिम् वा यदि वाऽशुचिम् ॥

Kuleenam akuleenam vaa veeram purushamaaninam
Charitrameva vyaakhyaati shuchim vaa yadi vaashuchim

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उद्विजन्ते यथा सर्पात् नरादनृत वादिनः

Udwijante yathaa sarpaat naraadanruta vaadinah

सत्यमेवेश्वरो लोके सत्ये धर्मः समाश्रितः
Satyameveshwaro loke satye dharmah samaashritah

Only a person's conduct and character proclaim whether he is born in a good family or whether he is boasting about himself or whether he is unblemished (shuchih) or blemished (ashuchih).

Just as people are afraid of serpents they are afraid of persons who utter lies.

Truth controls this world and dharma is rooted in truth.

[Context: These are words of Rama to Maharshi Jabali who advises him to ignore his father's wishes and go back to Ayodhya. The Maharshi speaks lika a nastika and makes disparaging remarks about dharma, truth, good conduct, character etc. Rama, however, reiterates the values of truth, dharma and character in a man's life. ]