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Someone asked me why varalakshmi vratam is not observed by a srivaishnava.


Namaskaram Mama,

Please highlight the imporatance of Varalakshmi vratham? also why this is not followed by Vaishnavas?
I have seen my friends/neighbours [Iyers] follow very strictly.

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It is as like as "Kaaradaiyan Nonbu" tying a thread in the hand for ladies.
For some reasons Vaishnavas are doing this function at the eve of the month of
Masi. (Masi kayiru paasi padarum).
But smarthas are doing it as varalakshmi vradham in Aadi or Aavani.
Adopting any one is enough is the reason, and it is a traditional matter.
We can say some reason for doing a function why we are doing.
(This also not always possible)
But it is difficult to say why we are not doing.