3. Elders consent and Sister-in-law (nAttanAr kodi uduttal) to dressup the bride
indiran uLLiTTa dEvar kuzhAm ellAm
vandu irundu ennai mahat pESi mandirittu |
mandira kODi uDutti maNamAlai
andari SooTTa kanA kaNDEn tOzhee nAn ||
ANDAL continues her narration indra and all the dEvAs came with great enthusiasm to this earth to take part in the kalyANa mahOtsava of their Lord. They do all the arrangement for the marriage. They talked to the brides people about how it should be conducted. They decide about the gifts from both the sides, ornaments, dresses
etc. Then they arrange the marriage to be conducted on the very next day since any obstacle may come if there is delay. Immediately, as a token of starting of the
ceremony the sister-in-law durga gifts the bride the beautiful saree and a garland to be worn.
Andal continues with the next part of her dream to her friend.indra and the other deva-s gather together and make the proposal to offer me in marriage to lord ranganatha. then the sambandhi-s converse with each other to agree on all arrangements then durga, krshna's sister, helps me wear the kuraip pudavai the sari worn at wedding time) and i am also decorated with exquisitely smelling flower garland

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