Dasakam: 29-- Shlokam: 03

का त्वं मृगाक्षि विभजस्व सुधामिमामि-
त्यारूढरागविवशानभियाचतोऽमून् ।
विश्वस्यते मयि कथं कुलटाऽस्मि दैत्या
इत्यालपन्नपि सुविश्वसितानतानी: ॥३॥

The demons openly wondering about this deer eyed beauty, entreated Thee, in thatMohini form to apportion the nectar among them. Thou, teasingly reminded them that ‘How do you trust me? O Asuras, as I am a whore.' Even though Thou said so, Thou commanded their trust. but this flippant reply only boosted their faith in Thee.

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