Dasakam: 29-- Shlokam: 05

अस्मास्वियं प्रणयिणीत्यसुरेषु तेषु
जोषं स्थितेष्वथ समाप्य सुधां सुरेषु ।
त्वं भक्तलोकवशगो निजरूपमेत्य
स्वर्भानुमर्धपरिपीतसुधं व्यलावी: ॥५॥

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While the demons sat silent, believing that she (Mohini), loves them, Thou, who lovesThy devotees, distributed the nectar fully among the gods, Thou always favour Thy devotees. Then Thou took Thy own form, and beheaded the Asura Raahu who had drunk half of the nectar served to him which he cunningly got by sitting in the row of the Devas.