Dasakam: 29-- Shlokam: 06

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त्वत्त: सुधाहरणयोग्यफलं परेषु
दत्वा गते त्वयि सुरै: खलु ते व्यगृह्णन् ।
घोरेऽथ मूर्छति रणे बलिदैत्यमाया-
व्यामोहिते सुरगणे त्वमिहाविरासी: ॥६॥

Having meted out to the Asuras the punishment for snatching away the pot of nectar from thy hands, Thou departed. The Asuras again started a fight with the devas. In the thick of the fierce battle, the Devas were reduced to a state of swoon by the Asura Bali's magical arts. Thou then reappeared in the battle field.