Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 01

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शक्रेण संयति हतोऽपि बलिर्महात्मा
शुक्रेण जीविततनु: क्रतुवर्धितोष्मा ।
विक्रान्तिमान् भयनिलीनसुरां त्रिलोकीं
चक्रे वशे स तव चक्रमुखादभीत: ॥१॥

The demon Bali, though killed in battle by Indra, was brought back to life by Sukra, thepreceptor of the demons. By performing many sacrifices, he acquired more power andconquered the three worlds So Devas had to flee in fear of the victorious Bali who conquered the three worlds where the Devas had hid themselves., without fear of Thy disc; the gods ran away and hid themselves in fear from him.