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A Drug is said to act homoeopathically when it is given to cure diseases, having symptoms similar to the physiological effects of that drug. Thus when an emetic like Ipecacunah is given to stop vomiting, a gastro-intestinal irritant like Arsenic as a remedy for cholera, Stramonium for mania, Strychnine for tetanus, opium for constipation, caster oil for diarrhoea, and coffeea for sleeplessness. all in minute doses, they are acting homoeopathically

BIOCHEMIC SYSTEM: They are 12 in number and are called biochemic or tissue remedies.or nutrition remedies. They are inorganic or mineral constituents of the body and its tissues including blood. Besides these inorganic salts , the body is composed of water and organic substances which form the major portion of its bulk, but the inorganic salts are real tissue builders , and the structure and vitality of the body depend to a great extend upon the proper quantity and distribution of these salts in every tissues of the body.

A deficiency ofany one of these salts in the tissues is supposed to cause a disturbance in the normal metabolism.resulting in imperfect absorption,assimilation,and disease.The cure consists in the supply of the salt that is wanting in the tissues.

A drug is said to be used allopathically when there is no direct relationship between the physiological effects of drugs and the phenomena of the disease. . This is made use of by allopaths, in the treatment of ascitits by purgatives, of Hydrothorax by diuretics, and of fever by diaphoretics or purgatives. Here, the bowels, kidneys, and skin are normal in their functional activity, but they are stimulated to increased action,in the hope of releiving the morbid conditions present in some other part of the system.

This method is a round about one, It is useful for temporary and urgent need, provided there is vitality enough in the patient,to withstand the side effects of this medicine.allopathic medicines may cause injury to healthy organs if repeatedly given,causing drug diseases.

A drug is said to act ANTIPATHICALLY , when its physiological effects are directed against the manifestations of the disease on the particular part or organ affected. The use of purgatives for constipation, sedatives like opim and bromide for sleeplessness, Hyoscine and Morphia in labour pains,are instances of using antipathic drugs.These are all of immense use in theurapeutics,at times as palliatives,in some acute temporary disorders.

There is another method EMPHIRIC SYSTEM in which a drug is employed not according to any law or recognised system. but simply it had been stumpled upon by chance and found useful in some morbid conditions.The use of Borax for epilepsy by allopaths, illustrates the emphirical method of employment of drugs.

PRACTICE OF SURGERY: is that branch of healing art which seeks to cure diseases by surgical operative methods.

PRACTISE OF MEDICINE: Is that branch of healing art, which seeks to cure diseases by drugs and accessary methods other than surgical.

ELETRO THERAPY OR ELECTROPATHY: is the system of treating diseases by means of electricity,like paralysis, weakness of muscules, pain reliever.

HYDROPATHY OR HYDROTHERAPY: employment of water in treating diseases, Hip Bath, Sitz Bath for various diseases, vapour bath for Bright's disease. sponge bath in fever cases and also for many skin diseases.

VACCINE THERAPY: means employment of Vaccines in the treatment of diseased conditions. The term "vaccine" is used to preparations containing disease germs which are dead or devitalised; but as a rule, vaccine consists of dead germs contained in a medium, in which it was cultered or grown. Cholera vaccine, Typhoid vaccine are prepared in this way and are injected subcutaneously as a preventive to those diseases.

AUTO VACCINE: is used by allopaths to cure acne or pimples and for recurring boils.This vaccine is prepared from the pus or other discharges taken from that patient . these are not without their advantages in some cases.

URINE THERAPY: A system of treatment of diseases with one's own urine . Early in the morning he has to catch his urine after leaving the first and last portion of his urine. He has to drink the middle portion of his urine only once per day. Only few supporters are there. Only yoga therapy is supporting this. Our ancient Ayurvedic, sidha and unani system is against this.

OSTEOPATHY: A school of medicine based on the theory that body is a vital organism whose structures and functions are co-ordinate , and that disease is the perversion of either, while its therapeutics are largely manupulative restoration of these abnormalities.

NATUROPATHY: A method of treatment by psychic, nutritional,manupulative or other measures except drugs , surgery, x-ray or radium. The patient has to walk in arugan grass field without chappals in the morning, doing yogasanas and pranayamam, meditation, taking raw fruits and vegetables adding salt, honey, nellikai saaru, lemon, green chillies.Daily enema taking, cleaning eyes, nose with water.