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Dasakam: 031 -- Shlokam: 09

पाशैर्बद्धं पतगपतिना दैत्यमुच्चैरवादी-
स्तार्त्तीयीकं दिश मम पदं किं न विश्वेश्वरोऽसि ।
पादं मूर्ध्नि प्रणय भगवन्नित्यकम्पं वदन्तं
प्रह्लाद्स्तं स्वयमुपगतो मानयन्नस्तवीत्त्वाम् ॥९॥

Garuda, Thy attendent had tied Bali with ropes by this time. Thou asked him loudly, 'Show me the place for my third step. Are you not the lord of the three worlds?' Without any hesitation Bali requested Thee to place Thy foot on his head to measure the third step. Prahlaad himself appeared by Bali's side, praised him and sang hymns of praises to Thee.