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Dasakam32 Shlokam: 03

क्षिप्तं जले त्वां चकितं विलोक्य निन्येऽम्बुपात्रेण मुनि: स्वगेहम् ।
स्वल्पैरहोभि: कलशीं च कूपं वापीं सरश्चानशिषे विभो त्वम् ॥३॥

Oh Thou Omnipresent One ! Seeing Thee trembling as if in fear, when put back in thewater, the royal sage took Thee home in his water bowl; in a few days time Thou grew in size to fill the water bowl and then to the size of a well, still again to the size of a tank and finally Thou fish big enough to fill a lake