Dasakam: 033 -- Shlokam: 03

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स द्वादशीव्रतमथो भवदर्चनार्थं
वर्षं दधौ मधुवने यमुनोपकण्ठे ।
पत्न्या समं सुमनसा महतीं वितन्वन्
पूजां द्विजेषु विसृजन् पशुषष्टिकोटिम् ॥३॥

In order to worship Thee, along with his pious wife, he observed the Dwaadashi fasting rites for one year on the banks of the Yamuna river, in Maduvana. He conducted a great poojaa, honouring holy men and by giving away to them sixty crores of cows.