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Reading through this chapter takes one to such a spiritual level because of the expression of words by Devahuti after her enjoyment with Kardama in their marital relationship.

Devahuti had become very weak and due to her continued service to her husband in all his devotional activities, did not even know that she had become so dirty and covered with dust. One can also interpret these versions from this chapter about Devahuti who was wrapped up in ignorance from within even while serving such a great saint.

Taking pity on her condition, Kardama saint, through his yogic powers, creates an airplane home and takes her around through the sky travel showing all the places on mother earth as viewed from the space. The detailed descriptions about how Devahuti gets herself bodily cleaned and she getting about one thousand damsels in attendance, her conjugal experience with Kardama saint etc. have been explained in detail.

As Devahuti knew that Kardama saint shall be leaving her after taking to Sanyasa, as a condition of his marriage with her, she feels uneasy at the development that she had to miss her husband.

It is at this juncture that the great statements from Devahuti comes out as to the cleaning up of her mind towards the spiritual and devotional path. This statement is exactly the other side of what is meant by cleanliness. It is not merely the body, or the way one dresses up, or how one enjoys the conjugal relationship, beget children etc., but what one achieves in life towards deliverance from the cycle of births and deaths.

This chapter has to be read keeping this background in mind to get the clear understanding of whatever have been conveyed through.

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