Dasakam: 033 -- Shlokam: 05

राज्ञाऽथ पारणमुहूर्तसमाप्तिखेदा-
द्वारैव पारणमकारि भवत्परेण ।
प्राप्तो मुनिस्तदथ दिव्यदृशा विजानन्
क्षिप्यन् क्रुधोद्धृतजटो विततान कृत्याम् ॥५॥

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The king was anxious as the time was expiring for taking food. So, the king Ambareesha who was devoted to Thee broke the fast by taking a sip of water. When the sage arrived and came to know by his divine insight of what had happened, he rebuked the king and angrily plucked his matted hair and created Krityaa an evil spirit.