Dasakam: 033 -- Shlokam: 08

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भूयो भवन्निलयमेत्य मुनिं नमन्तं
प्रोचे भवानहमृषे ननु भक्तदास: ।
ज्ञानं तपश्च विनयान्वितमेव मान्यं
याह्यम्बरीषपदमेव भजेति भूमन् ॥८॥

Then Oh Lord ! The sage came to Thy abode Vaikunta, and prostrated before Thee. Thou claiming to be the servant of Thy devotees, advised him that knowledge and penance deserved respect only when combined with humility and therefore, he should take refuge in the feet of Thy devotee, Ambareesha himself.