Dasakam: 034 -- Shlokam: 02

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कोदण्डी कौशिकस्य क्रतुवरमवितुं लक्ष्मणेनानुयातो
यातोऽभूस्तातवाचा मुनिकथितमनुद्वन्द्वशान्ताध्वखेद: ।
नृणां त्राणाय बाणैर्मुनिवचनबलात्ताटकां पाटयित्वा
लब्ध्वास्मादस्त्रजालं मुनिवनमगमो देव सिद्धाश्रमाख्यम् ॥२॥

Oh Lord ! Upholding Thy father's word, Thou, carrying the bow Kodanda, went alongwith Lakshmana, to guard the noble sacrifice of sage Viswamitra. The sage taughtThee two mantras Bala and Atibala to remove Thy fatigue. At the sage's behest, Thou tore apart thedemoness Tataka with arrows for the protection of the people. Having acquired fromthe sage, the host of divine missiles, Thou reached Siddhasrama, the hermitage of the sage.