Dasakam: 034 -- Shlokam:

03मारीचं द्रावयित्वा मखशिरसि शरैरन्यरक्षांसि निघ्नन्
कल्यां कुर्वन्नहल्यां पथि पदरजसा प्राप्य वैदेहगेहम् ।
भिन्दानश्चान्द्रचूडं धनुरवनिसुतामिन्दिरामेव लब्ध्वा
राज्यं प्रातिष्ठथास्त्वं त्रिभिरपि च समं भ्रातृवीरैस्सदारै: ॥३॥

When the sacrifice began, Thou drove away Mareecha with Thy arrows and killed other Rakshasas. On the way to Videha, from there, Thou liberated Ahalya, (who had beencursed to become a stone by her husband, sage Gautama), with the dust of Thy feet and blessed her. Reaching the palace of Videha, and breaking the bow of Lord Sivathere, Thou won the hand of Sita, daughter of the earth, (and in reality the incarnationof Goddess Lakshmi), and married her. Then along with Thy three brothers, who were married to the three sisters of Sita, Thou set out to Thy kingdom, accompanied by the four new brides.

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