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Kottayam- Kerala

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During my Kerala visit recently I had been to the famous Aditya temple near Kaduthuruthhi, Kottayam. The temple is HEAVILY CROWDED ON SUNDAYS. Parking area is there, but very limited, so I parked my travels car in the road itself at a convenient place.

My visit was on the Sunday, the day of the Sun God. We have to get down steep steps on the eastern side of the temple by which side road is passing through. The deity is facing West.

The following is an introduction about the temple collected from websites and my experience. I had taken my route from Ernakulam-Kaduthuruthi and following direction boards and gathering information from local people. The temple is about 5 KM from Katuthuruthi Junction.

Gopala Krishnan Dated 22-10-2015

1. Introduction

In India, temples dedicated exclusively to the worship of Sun God (Lord Adithya) are very rare, but temples with navagraha installation (the nine major celestial bodies of Hindu astronomy) are a plenty. In that respect Adithyapuram temple with Lord Adithya as the principal deity located in Kottayam district of Kerala has got its own importance. Apart from Adithya, no other 'graha' is installed here. The sanctum is rounded in shape and the idol of Adithya is facing the western direction. It is believed that THE IDOL WAS INSTALLED IN THE THRETHAYUGA. But there are no written documents regard the origin of the temple. The Namboodiri family named Marangattu illam living near by has the ooranma.(ownership) of the temple.
2. Legend

The story says that there was a maha thapasvi a person with divine powers once upon a time in the family who was a great devotee of Lord Adithya. He undertook a severe tapas and Adithya appeared before him. The current idol was installed by the sacred man exactly at the same place. It is believed that he implemented the poojas and other customs followed here. It was instructed by him that his descendents in the family must perform the rituals with maximum devotion.

My note- This means Sun God appeared to Kunthi in the Dwaparayuga, later than the period of this temple.

3. Posture

The idol is in the posture of padmasana with shanku and chakra in two hands and the other two hands locked in tapo mudra.

4. Offerings

1 Ada Nivedyam 2 Maha Nivedyam

5 Enna Abhishekam 6 Navagraha Pooja

7 Kaavadi Edukkal 8 Bhagavathi Pooja

9 Yakshi kuruthi 10 Sastha pooja

11 Aadithyahridaya Manthrarchna and 12 Vivahasoothraarchana

There are counters on the Western side to pay for the offerings. Separate Q is there for women devotees. THE CHARGES FOR THE OFFERINGS ARE NORMAL.

The special offering is Rakthachandanamutti Nadakku vekkal. Devotees keep cash and chandanamutti after three times circling above their head. Large number of red Chandanamutti pieces is kept on right side in a vessel before the sanctum. This is done in front of the deity. No ticketing is necessary for this most important offering- specialty of the temple. This offering is done to overcome death fear, for curing said to be incurable diseases etc.

My note- Before the sanctum and near by the pleasing smell of rakthachandanam can be felt. Prasadam is raktha chandanam paste in the temple.

4 Renovations

The renovation and expansion work of this ancient and glorious temple is going on. On account of this many areas are spread with small size granite pieces. Certain places where thalakkal is not there, it is difficult to walk . So we are providing the address of nearest lodging facilities.

5 Near by Lodgings

kuruppanthara kottayam


6 Route and address

Kuruppumthara- kaduthuruthi- Ayamkuti junction and about 5 KM interior to the temple

Adithyapuram Temple
Eravimangalam P.O
Muttuchira, Kaduthuruthy Kottayam
Ph: 04829 283112, 8547135712, and 9495235978

7. Some more details About Adithyapuram Temple

Adithyapuram Temple , one of the rarest temple, 4 kilometers from kaduthuruthy. Last Sunday in Vrichikom most important. Sundays are most crowded. Adithya Pooja is the offering.

7a Adityapuram Deities
Main Idol-Surya Bhagawan, Upadevata - Durga. Shasta, Yakshi in outside temples.

7b Important days

Last Sunday of the month of 'Medom' and last Sunday of the month of 'Vrischikam'

7c Important poojas –

Aditya Pooja, Udayasthamana pooja, Navagraha Pooja, Very important Nivedya Ada.

7d Importance of Sun God

From the Vedic times the people of Bharat worshipped the Sun God. But temples dedicated to the Sun God are very few in number. 'The KONARK TEMPLE' OF ORISSA Is the only Sun temple that is famous and considered to be foremost. It is well known for its intricate sculpture but THERE IS NO DAILY PERFORMANCE OF POOJAS AS IN THE SUN TEMPLE OF ADITYAPURAM IN KERALA. This fact is known only to very few people.

7e Location

The temple is situated in 'Iravimangalam Kara' in Kottayam District, Vaikom Taluk and Kaduthuruthi Panchayat. Hard working and peace loving farmers are living in the village, surrounding the temple. There are no documents to prove how ancient it is but the method of construction is said to be according to that of the ''Thretha Yuga"

7d More information on routes

Along the Ettumanoor- Vaikom route if we start from Ettumanoor by bus we have to alight at Kurupanthara and from there we have to board a bus to AYAMKUDI AND TRAVEL ABOUT 4 KMS TO REACH THE TEMPLE.

If we start the journey from Vaikom at Kaduthuruthy we have to board the bus to Kallara and travel 3 KMs to reach the place.

7e Legend

A little away from the temple there is a place called 'Kavikad' where there is the famous 'Marangat Mana' where a Brahmin family resides, they are the owners of this temple. It is behind

One of the family member who lived in the ancient times was a great devotee of the Sun God. Through meditation and 'Tapas' he received the Lord of the God in blessing and consecrated the Idol in this temple. After performing oil 'Abhishekam' they also perform 'Abhishekam' with water and all trace of oil disappears because the Idol is made of a particular type of stone that absorbs oil.

THE IDOL FACES THE WEST and is said to be in the meditative form. There is a story behind this. At the beginning of creation the Sun God alone was visible while the other Gods & Goddesses could not be seen by all. But he had the same powers that the others had. So the Sun God was displeased and He worshipped Devi Mahamaya till she appeared before Him. The Devi Blessed the Sun God and said that 6 hours till sun rise He will have all the powers of the other Gods and Goddesses also.

From a place called 'Kakkathu Mala' in 'Iraviman-galamkara' a very ancient Devi 'Vigraha' with broken limbs has been installed in the temple facing the East. People believe that this Idol is connected to the legend already explained. It is said that the 'Devi vigraha' was installed about eight or nine decades ago. It is only after that the temple was renovated and became famous.

8. Speciality of red sandal wood connected with this temple

"Raktachandanam" is the special 'Prasadam' of this temple. Sundays are important days. The last Sundays of the Malayalam months of 'Vrischika' and 'Medom' when the glory of the Sun is at the highest.

On that day at least one person from the Marangat family has to take the 'Kavadi' for the 'Abhishekam' and this cannot be avoided. There is a huge crowd in the temple on this day. For 'Karkidaka Vavu' and 'Patham Udayam' also people from far away places visit the temple. The members of the above mentioned 'Marangat' family and devotees who come to the temple for 'Darshan' and Bhajan receive Blessings and all kinds of prosperity this is the belief and experience of the people.

8a Important offering - 'Rakthachandana' ,'Tulabharam', to keep 'Chandanam' at the 'Nada'. THESE OFFERINGS WILL REMOVE INCURABLE DISEASES. 'Rakta Chandanam' is the prasadam. On the last Sunday of the month of 'Medam' there is Abhishekam with Raktachandana Kavadi. For curing diseases of the eyes and skin we have to perform Adithya Pooja and keep Rakta Chandana at the Nada. For curing eye disease a mixture of the ghee and black soot of the lamp burning inside the temple is given to devotees.Surya Temple at Adityapuram is the only temple in Kerala dedicated to Aditya, the sun god. The first and last Sundays of the zodiacs Scorpio (November- December) and Aries (April - May) are considered auspicious.

8c Getting there
Nearest railway station: Kottayam, about 26 km and Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 47 km