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Dasakam: 034 -- Shlokam: 05

[hd2\तातोक्त्या यातुकामो वनमनुजवधूसंयुतश्चापधार:
पौरानारुध्य मार्गे गुहनिलयगतस्त्वं जटाचीरधारी।
नावा सन्तीर्य गङ्गामधिपदवि पुनस्तं भरद्वाजमारा-
न्नत्वा तद्वाक्यहेतोरतिसुखमवसश्चित्रकूटे गिरीन्द्रे ॥५॥[/hd2]

In accordance with Thy father's orders, Thou, taking bow and arrow in hand, and in thecompany of Thy brother and Thy wife, set out to the forest. Restraining the citizens ofAyodhya from following Thee to the forest, and sending them back home, Thou cameto the house of Guha. (the boatman). Here donning matted hair and garments made ofbark, Thou wert ferried across the river Ganges by Guha, and meeting SageBharadwaja nearby, paid Thy respects to him. Following his advice, Thou lived veryhappily on the lofty Chitrakuta Mountains.