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Thread: Narayaneeyam

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    Default Narayaneeyam

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    सुग्रीवेणानुजोक्त्या सभयमभियता व्यूहितां वाहिनीं ता-
    मृक्षाणां वीक्ष्य दिक्षु द्रुतमथ दयितामार्गणायावनम्राम् ।
    सन्देशं चाङ्गुलीयं पवनसुतकरे प्रादिशो मोदशाली
    मार्गे मार्गे ममार्गे कपिभिरपि तदा त्वत्प्रिया सप्रयासै: ॥२॥

    When Thy younger brother Lakshmana admonished Sugreeva, he in fear approached Thee marshalling an army of monkeys, to search for Thy wife Seeta in all directions. Thou were delighted to see this and gave to Hanumaan who was standing before Thee, a message and a signet ring for Seetaa. The monkeys very diligently started on the mission to search for Thy consort Sita.
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